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How To Order Bags And Looking For A Bag Supplier

times   2017-06-05

How to order bags, and looking for a bag supplier

Suppose you have a batch of product packaging bags, then how should we to buy bags.


I think first of all, we need to make sure we need what kind of packing bag?Used for packing?Have any requirements on packaging?


If the call consulting relevant packaging products company


"Hello, I need to produce some bags"


And the packaging manufacturer will ask you.


"Hello, may I ask you what kind of bag, size is how much? Thickness is how much? Need to print it? Need what quantity?" And other issues, so from this questioning, we also learned that we ordered bags before, first of all we should know what we need to produce bags, vacuum bags or food bags, electronic products packaging bags or other?


2. We need to know that we design the packing bag of size, how much is the thickness.When the configuration is not reasonable, packaging manufacturer will give us a response.


3. Whether you need bag printing, need to be printed and how many color, a color version.So for this aspect, we also need to clear as much as possible when the design choose less color, so that you can slightly reduce the cost.


4. Want to know how many quantity, for the cost, the more you order, the lower the unit price also, but we need to consider doing after this batch of bags, whether you need to redesign and other factors.