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How to prepare an trading fair

times   2017-08-18

How to prepare an trading fair

This week, we have a class call "How to prepare an trading fair?"

Our brother Mr.Wang lead us into his class for more details. Mr. Wang had been  many countries (over 20 countries)  for trading fairs , his rich experience help him successful in the business. Today he comes to teach us and help us.

In the beginning, he point out that we must know" what we are? " "what we are doing?”

We must know this point clearly after the researched  the market. There are many manufacturer/ trading companies for the same products, we must know what is our advantage and disadvantages.

In the second part---the most important part:  booth, product,  people.

Trading fair is about three parts. we must handle these very well, then we can get a good result  from a fair.


*what kind of fair

*where is your booth

*how to design your booth

*decoration of inside of booth

*booth light


A good design and decoration will help us to attract the buyers come to discuss orders.


*new products



*good place for placing goods


*good out-looking

*rich experience

*good at English speaking and listening


--keep inviting clients before fair

--learn speaking skills

--analyze clients (the first sentence from client is very important)

--create an comfortable atmosphere

--focus on details

---tell clients what they will get from us

After above skills, we have a site interpretation to show the fair. Mr.Wang invite 3 foreigners ( buyers) to in-join us. The whole process must use English . 

We learn a  lot from this class. 

All in all: Don't let go until order comes!

Thank you.


Email: [email protected]