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Satin Hair Bag With Different Printing Way

times   2017-05-31

Satin Hair Bag With Different Printing Way

As well know , there are have many ways to print the logo on the bag . Such as screen printing ,

Bronzing , hot silver , Digital Printing , hear transfer , hot drilling , embroidery. Different ways , the printing result is different . Today , we will show you the different .

1, Screen printing : if the logo is simple , suggest screen printing to save cost .

Screen printing

2, Bronzing ( gold stamp ) and hot silver :the printing result is more bright and shine .

gold stamp

3, Digital Printing ( hear transfer , hot drilling) :  as the logo is complex , must be use the digital printing to print out the logo .

 Digital Printing

4 , Embroidery : sew the logo according to customers requirements .


Now are you clear about the logo printing . Have any requirements , please feel free to contact us .