How to do inspection for high quality organza jewelry bags?

In recently years, Drawstring Organza jewelry bags become a fashion style for jewelry packaging. With the material cost higher and higher, and the labor fee more and more, many buyers choose a easy way and cheaper way for purchasing.  Organza is sheer and light weight, no matter in production and shipping, it saves cost ! 

The sheer bags help customers to view their jewelry how exact look. When they display the goods in their showcases, jewelry is shiny under the spotlight. Then after customers take their goods out of the shop, they even can see the goods shiny under the sun! 

We got an big order and just finished production. God always help us! Before shipment, here is an regular process : INSPECTION one by one!

Yes, sure. Because QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE!

People may be confused about it. Some will ask: well, you got an order 100,000pcs, how you do inspection one by one? Checking every bag ? It seems funny for some . We must say: No, we are serious! 


Now , let me show you how to do an inspection, and how to see a high quality organza jewelry bag and a common quality bag!

*See the density of  fabric:

different density : High quality bag made by fabric the yarn is 28 x 32, the cheap quality bag the yarn is lower 26×32(per centimeter).  

Organza quality comparison
Organza quality comparison

*See the stitches:

1. Different  craft: 

7-8 stitches per inches in a high quality bag, cheap quality bag stitch 5-6 only per inches. 

2.Different logo printing quality:

High quality logo printing is clear and  no ink spot everywhere. 

Organza quality comparison
Organza quality comparison

What’s more, some strings is go through to a wrong way! It looks OK when you didn’t drawstring it. However, it is just OK! Wrong drawstring strings in the wrong place will not good for drawstring . And it will make the bags look ridiculous .

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