How would you rate your confidence level?

How would you rate your confidence level?

As the owner of Shenzhen Unimbus Gift Pack Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer specializing in gift bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, and other custom packaging, I believe that confidence is the key to success in business. We prioritize building confidence in everything we do, which is reflected in the quality of our products and our relationships with our clients.

At Unimbus, we have an intelligent R&D department, a professional marketing and promotion department, and a quality inspection department. We have an advanced management system and strict quality control system to ensure that our products are of the highest quality. We have developed a business relationship with many famous brands, including HUAWEI, IKEA, and L’OREALPARIS, and we are highly recommended by many cooperative partners for being reliable and professional.

We are based in Longgang, Shenzhen, which is geographically friendly for production and sales. Our transportation is very convenient, not only for visiting but also for delivery. We can deliver our products to many countries, such as America, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Japan, Korea, Russia, and others.

Our products include all kinds of packaging bags, such as gift bags, shopping bags, cosmetic bags, jewelry pouches, hair bags, beach bags, wine bottle packaging, shoe duster bags, drawstring bags, and more. We also offer all kinds of gift decoration products, including gift ribbons and bows, pre-tied elastic or inelastic cords with knots, elastic cords with metal barb ends, labels, tags, and more. In addition, we provide all kinds of fabrics, such as satin fabric, velvet fabric, cotton fabric, organza fabric, and others.

At Unimbus, we take pride in our core competencies, which include our strong design and development ability for new products, quick customization and delivery in small batches, strict quality control, and reliable customer service. We offer custom services as per customers’ requirements, including custom logos, colors, materials, size, and packaging.

Our target clients include design companies, trade companies, wholesalers, factories that do chocolate, candy, cosmetics, perfume, and soap wholesale, and e-commerce customers. We have a perfect supply chain and can quickly find all kinds of raw materials and unique Chinese products.

In conclusion, I am confident in the quality of our products and services, and I believe that our confidence is reflected in the trust that our clients have in us. I rate my confidence level in Unimbus as very high, and I invite you to contact us today for your gift packaging needs.


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