Using ChatGPT AI to Improve Workflow: A Supplier’s Perspective

As a foreign trade supplier based in China, I’ve been using AI, specifically ChatGPT, to improve my work. In this blog post, I’m going to share how I use AI in my workflow and why I think that working with AI can be beneficial instead of something to fear.

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Improving Writing Quality

Even though English isn’t my first language, I still need to communicate effectively with my customers who are mostly overseas. ChatGPT has been a lifesaver in this regard, helping me to identify and correct grammatical errors and improving the overall flow of my writing. With ChatGPT’s assistance, I can produce high-quality content that is easily understood by my clients, thus enhancing our business relationship.

ChatGPT Improving Writing Quality
ChatGPT Improving Writing Quality

Multilingual Capabilities

ChatGPT not only helps me improve my English writing, but it can also assist me in translating my website content into other languages that I may not be proficient in. For example, if I need to translate product descriptions into French or Spanish, I can use ChatGPT to create more accurate and professional translations that align with my brand’s tone and style.

ChatGPT Multilingual Capabilities
ChatGPT Multilingual Capabilities

Generating Ideas

As a supplier, I often need to create product descriptions and blog posts, and sometimes I get stuck for ideas. In these cases, ChatGPT can be a useful tool to generate fresh ideas and provide new perspectives. By giving ChatGPT a topic, it can produce related suggestions that can spark new ideas and get me back on track.

ChatGPT Generating Ideas
ChatGPT Generating Ideas

SEO Optimization

Many SEO professionals have adopted the use of AI for website SEO, and you can also utilize this tool to improve your website’s search engine rankings. AI can analyze your website and identify areas for improvement, such as optimizing your keywords or enhancing your website’s overall structure.

ChatGPT SEO Optimization
ChatGPT SEO Optimization

Using AI as a Tool

While ChatGPT is a highly intelligent AI, there are many other AI tools that are less sophisticated but still helpful for specific tasks. For example, I use a tool called “Waifu2x” to enhance the resolution of my clients’ logos. This tool can avoid the defects that often occur when enlarging images, providing my clients with high-quality prints. You can try the online version of this tool at , or download at

Collaborating with AI

When writing this blog post, I used ChatGPT to help me generate an outline, provide ideas, and refine the language. While ChatGPT isn’t the sole author of this post, its contributions helped me create a more comprehensive and polished piece of writing.

The Role of AI

It’s important to remember that AI is not a replacement for human intelligence and creativity. AI is simply a tool that can help us work more efficiently and effectively. While some have concerns about the impact of AI on the workforce, I believe that by working alongside AI, we can achieve greater levels of productivity and innovation.

In conclusion, I believe that AI, especially ChatGPT, can be a valuable asset to foreign trade suppliers like myself. By incorporating AI into our workflows, we can produce higher quality content, optimize our websites for better search engine rankings, and generate fresh ideas. AI is not something to fear, but rather a tool that we can use to our advantage.


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