What Was The Last Thing You Searched For Online?

Daily writing prompt
What was the last thing you searched for online? Why were you looking for it?

As a product marketer, I frequently need to search for information online. Recently, I conducted several searches to help me complete work tasks. The last things I searched for were “WebP image conversion to JPG format,” “Instagram,” “chocolate paper pad,” and “wine bottle bow tie.”

WebP Image Conversion to JPG Format

When downloading product images from my company’s store on Alibaba.com, I encountered images in WebP format. Although this format has higher compression ratio and faster loading speed, I needed the images in JPG format to make modifications. Therefore, I searched for tools that could convert WebP images to JPG format. After evaluating some options, I chose a free online tool and successfully obtained the images in JPG format.

Pink satin drawstring pouch filled with contents and displayed standing upright. Several additional pouches of the same design are placed underneath.


Instagram is a very popular social media platform, but I always forget its full name. So, when I want to refer to Instagram, I usually search for “ins.” This time was no exception.

Confirming Product Keywords

Selecting and confirming keywords is crucial for search engine optimization. Recently, I uploaded some products to our website and used keyword tools to determine the best keywords. Two of the chosen keywords were “chocolate paper pad” and “wine bottle bow tie” To ensure these keywords align with customer intent, I conducted online searches and found that they were indeed relevant and commonly used by customers.


Online searches are essential for completing work tasks as a product marketer. They enable me to find the information I need and confirm whether selected keywords align with customer intent.

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