Product Shipment Showcase: Shipping Ribbon Bow and Non-woven Bag

In this article, we will be showcasing our shipping process for ribbon bow products. Our customer for this particular shipment is very particular about the quality of the bows and has high demands. To meet their requirements, we have put in tremendous effort. They place multiple orders for our ribbon bow products every year.

Silver ribbon bow being ironed flat with an iron

The silver ribbon bow shown here is the product ordered by the customer. We implement an ironing process during production to ensure that there are no creases on the bow. Additionally, we use an iron to flatten any remaining folds on the bow before packaging.

To ensure that the ribbon bows remain unfolded and unwrinkled during transportation, we package each bow in an inner cardboard box. We stack the bows neatly and place a piece of cardboard on top. This process is repeated until the inner cardboard box is completely filled. By using this packaging method, we effectively prevent friction or damage between the bows, ensuring that our customers receive our products in perfect condition. The inner cardboard boxes are then placed in matching outer cardboard boxes, with each box able to accommodate 3 or 4 inner cardboard boxes.

Non-woven drawstring bags in a white box

The customer also ordered some non-woven drawstring bags, which is their second time purchasing this type of bag. We are delighted that a loyal customer like them is interested in our new products. These bags will be packed in appropriately sized boxes and shipped together with the ribbon bows.

Packaged products ready for shipment

To ensure a smooth and efficient shipping of our ribbon bow products to the customer, we have carefully chosen a reputable freight forwarding company and opted for reliable DHL Express service. We have provided detailed packaging labels for each package containing delicate ribbon bows, along with comprehensive product descriptions, colors, quantities, weights, and dimensions. These labels play a crucial role in expediting customs clearance processes and ensuring timely delivery of our ribbon bows to our customers. With our meticulous shipping process, we guarantee that our ribbon bows will arrive at their destination in perfect condition.

As a professional supplier of ribbon bows, we are committed to providing high-quality products and ensuring customer satisfaction. Furthermore, our custom ribbon bow products can add unique charm and exquisite decoration to your brand. If you are interested in our products or have any questions regarding customization options and pricing, please contact us immediately. Our team is ready to provide professional consultation and support to ensure you receive custom ribbon bow products that meet your expectations.

Contact us now and let’s create unique and beautifully crafted ribbon bow products together!


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