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Custom logo Printing Express Parcel Mailer Shipping Bags

Custom logo Printing Express Parcel Mailer Shipping Bags

Durable Material: Made of high quality pure polyethylene plastic. Our bags are extremely durable and resist punctures, tears and moisture. Waterproof and ripstop. Explosion-proof edges and strong stickiness help protect your belongings from loss.
Custom Design: If you are tired of ordinary courier bags, this courier bag is a good choice. Not only suitable for business occasions, but also for gift-giving.
WIDE USE: Available in a variety of sizes, suitable for t-shirts, blankets, scarves, or other unbreakable items for everyday use, professional packaging protects your belongings, and excellent mailing bags provide convenient, high-quality, low-cost shipping. Shiny packaging gives your merchandise a whole new look.
Easy Peel and Seal: These sealable shipping envelopes are quick and easy to seal. Just peel back to reveal the adhesive and you can seal the mail in seconds. In addition, our adhesives are permanent and tamper-proof – once a polyethylene mailing envelope is sealed, they cannot be resealed and cannot be opened without damaging the mailing bag.