Features of drawstring bags

Each drawstring bag has drawstring and pull the drawstring , after we will pack things, as long as we pull the drawstring , then the top will be close .and it also can be very convenient for hang

Double layer flannel bag
Double layer flannel bag

drawstring bags can be used to store a lot of small items, such as small ornaments and mechanical parts, etc., to prevent these small items lost and scattered, etc.There are a lot of people use drawstring bag to pack a lot of food, it can effectively prevent food by insect bite and moistureproof prevent dust, etc., through this way to prolong food to save time.There are many large valve bag can also be used to save the garment or large items, etc.

Has the very good sealing drawstring bag itself, to the surrounding air and have very good prevention effect such as insect pests for packaging products have very good protection effect, can prevent small scattered parts.

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